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Our corporate policy specifically addresses environmental practices, and directs that we will operate efficiently to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Steaman Group is fully committed to the prevention of pollution and minimizing the impact on the environment throughout its operations. We seek clear, sustainable solutions that improve quality of life. We take this responsibility seriously because our work often places us at the center of our clients' environmental, safety, and sustainability challenges.

We also encourage our professionals to participate in outreach programs. Mansa Energy associates and offices participate in many nonprofit agencies and projects within their local communities.

Environmental Stewardship

As part of our corporate attitude, we invest programs that promote environmental stewardship and support efforts in our community.
Sustainability is central to our vision to become the most admired company in our markets. We believe the pursuit of environmental excellence requires a commitment to sound environmental practices, the promotion of a safe work environment and corporate social responsibility. We live this commitment each day through the implementation of best management practices that are utilized throughout the well development process and in every operation.

At Steaman Group, we are building a culture of responsibility that encourages every employee to ask the questions that lead to more sustainable processes and practices, and help our company support a sustainable future.