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Steaman Group continues to pursue growth through the acquisition of assets that fit our operating expertise, and help us to quickly and cost-effectively address our public and private clients’ needs.

We carefully selects projects and areas of focus, as well as employ technologies to minimize operating costs and maximize production and pursue competitive marketing relationships.

We have an extensive network of industry resources and a seasoned team of engineering, legal and business professionals. These highly-trained industry veterans bring the knowledge and extensive contacts to source, evaluate, acquire and operate projects to their greatest potential.

Steaman Group is committed to leveraging its dedicated people, outstanding customer service, market knowledge and value-added service, to become the partner or choice for oil and gas and power generation solutions. We understand the value of a service-oriented culture, that’s why we work commit to diligent analysis and project support for our client companies. We have served multiple clients in a broad range of projects and continue to use our expertise to deliver successful projects, focusing on scope, schedule and budget.