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Our Commitment to Quality

For our team at Steaman Group, we are passionately committed to world-class quality and the safety of our employees in the execution of their work functions. Our work culture is dedicated to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction by creating exceptional value through innovative technical solutions, but we do not do so at the expense of safety and quality.

We strive for excellence in satisfying customer needs by listening closely while ensuring strict compliance with safety and regulatory requirements to build confidence, trust and long-term loyalty. Steaman Group is committed to maintaining our competitive edge in addition to sustaining continual improvement in the effectiveness of our quality management system through documented quality objectives.

 Health, Safety, & Environment (HS&E)

As is our business practice, if a design or work practice is perceived to be unsafe, we do not proceed until the issue is resolved.

Our focus is to ensure that our work activities are of no harm to people, damage to the environment, and fully complies with applicable industry regulations and government standards. The management team at Steaman Group believes that all incidents are preventable; therefore, we enforce a Zero Tolerance Policy.

We work with clients to ensure that the principles that guide our actions are effectively integrated into commercial agreements, operational decisions and work procedures.